MammoViewer™ – CD/DVD DICOM Viewer

MammoViewer™ is a mammography DICOM viewer that is used by Medical Disc Publishers, such as PACSGEAR MediaWriter™ or Codonics Virtua™. MammoViewer provides referring physicians, patients, and medical facilities the ability to view and manipulate a mammography study.

MammoViewer follows IHE Mammography Image Profile. The images are automatically oriented and displayed using a mammographic specific hanging protocol and layout for comparing current and prior studies. Bilateral images are automatically aligned chest-wall to chest-wall. Image sizes are automatically calculated so that multiple images are displayed at the same relative physical size or 1:1 pixel mapping. Image quality is preserved by use of the default LUT (lookup table) recommended by the modality manufacturer.

The viewer supports the display of:

  • MG (digital mammography) images from multiple vendors
  • CAD SR (structured reports) as an overlay over the images
  • GSPS (gray-scale softcopy presentation state) as an overlay over the images
  • digitized prior mammogram film (MG) images

This viewer also includes the following features:

  • multiple image layouts
  • image manipulation: window level, zoom, pan, invert
  • image markup and measurement
  • clinical and technical annotation can be toggled on or off
  • caliper can be toggled on or off
  • CAD marks can be toggled on or off
  • GSPS overlay can be toggled on or off